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Internet Marketing can be tough on you emotionally and physically. You can go weeks, months and sometimes years without making money online. You need to realize one important fact and its location, location, location. Just like real estate, they always talk about the location. In this case, you want to be in the top 5 inches of real estate on the search engine results. With all the crap out there, its time you got straight talk on how to actually build and rank an authority website?

Below, I have included several key parts to what you need to build a mega site. Those include, research and keywords, niche marketing, domain selection, back linking tips, and some computer software tools that can reduce your time and boost your productivity like an article spinner. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy the article, as I reveal some insider secrets to building your own authority site.

There really is lots of misinformation online, and it comes down to several important key factors Google how to build and rank an authority website?that search engines like Google, need to see to display the top results. They want to see high quality and the most relevant information showing up for their customers when doing an organic search. This is actually part of the problem, given the quantity of information that’s added on a second by second basis to the internet.

My definition of an authority website, is when you finally rank on page 1 for your keyword on Google. From what I’ve noticed, authority sites for the big keyword terms, can easily have several hundred articles on a website. That is different from a niche website that can have 1, 5 or 10 articles focusing on specific niche markets. Keep in mind and depending on your long term plan, any niche web site can become an authority site.

The Importance of Research and Keywords

Too many people getting in the online marketing game are going after large keyword categories like, home based business or make money. That is one of the biggest errors you’ll make when starting off. Don’t try and compete against the big dogs out of the gate. Its like running a marathon. You don’t decide one day to run 26 miles and can’t even run 1 mile. You need to build up your endurance over time to actually running 26 miles.

Likewise, the competition for big keywords is extremely fierce and you better have your “A Game” on if trying to compete with them. Of course ranking on page 1 is definitely the best place to be, but start off in low competitive terms. You will thank me later.

Niche Marketing Strategies

The foundation in my opinion for ranking any authority site is being on page 1 for many long tail keywords. The real method to accomplish this objective, is by focusing on your niche marketing efforts. By starting off on the lower end of long tail keywords and working your way up to bigger keyword ladder, your website will gain strength. I’d say, look at 1000 to 5000 searches per month along with low competition. You’ll have a significantly better chance of ranking on page 1 and making a little coin in a shorter period of time. Remember, you need to check page 1 and see what your actual competition is like. I’m always looking out for keywords that have articles on page 1 for results. If its only web sites on the first page, I might be in for a lot of competition.

I can’t stress enough, how important this phase is to your overall success. Keyword research is one of the 2 most important elements to making money or not online. You really need to invest the time at this stage and look at all of the factors before just picking one that sounds good. Pick the wrong keywords or go after the big ones with lots of competition, you will likely end up belonging to the 95% club. Those are the ones that don’t make money. If you want to be in the 5% club and make some money, look at the people that are successful and give you straight talk on how to actually do it.

Choosing Domain Names and Hosting

As much as possible, I try and match the key phrase term I picked, to a domain name. You can even add a prefix like “about” or dashes between the title is all right. The reality is you don’t have to, but it helps to have your keyword term in the domain name. That is just another SEO tip this week for you newbies.

One other over looked area that people miss out on is aged domains. Over the past few years, many people have talked about the value of picking up aged domains whenever possible. Google and the other search engines love aged domains and it can certainly help your rankings because the site may have built up trust with the search engines. Keep that in mind, next time you are registering a site. If you have the budget and one is available, consider buying it.

I know this doesn’t directly relate to building your authority site, but where you register and host your websites are important. For registering your domains, just do a search to find domain registering companies and decide for yourself who you like best. When it comes to hosting, make sure you do your research and go with companies that have 24/7 actual phone support. If your website goes down, it could be in the middle of the night and you will want to have access talking directly with live human being. I like Hostgator personally and have used them for years. Very reliable and they have 24/7 support.

Building Back Links and Ranking Your Websites – The Key Factor

Back Links Defined

A one-way link is when one web site points back to another site. The more quality one way links you get, the higher in the search engines your website will rank. You should really have an internal link structure as well. Which means, your internal pages point from 1 web page to another page within your site.

It also doesn’t mean you point all of the internal links back to your home page either. You may as an example, point 10 percent of your links back to the home page. This is just an example and you will need to experiment with this figure to see how your results go. The stronger your internal link structure is, the stronger your overall website will be.

Getting One way links – A Straight Forward Approach

In reality, the process of obtaining one way links is boring. Seriously, its true because you’ll have to keep rinsing and repeating the process in terms of writing and re-writing the same content. At the end of the day, how many times are you able to discuss acne removal cream (lol). But, you may improve your back linking efforts by writing high quality content versus the trash kind in my humble opinion. Yes, it takes longer, however, more individuals are likely to read your articles and return back to your website. They may even use your article and post it on their website with a hyperlink back to you.

Also, try to follow the 80 – 20 rule. Meaning, 80 percent of your links should be pointing back to your internal web pages. I see too many people get this part wrong and wonder why their website is no where to be found in the first 50 to 100 pages. Remember, a strong overall website is what you are aiming for.

I have discovered that the top places to publish your new content are places like Ezine Articles, Go Articles and Idea Marketers. Your website is likely to get indexed within a few days. One other tip to remember, is that I only submit 5 to 10 posts to each place. In my view, its the law of diminishing returns. The search engines will only assign you so much SEO link juice from each directory. Besides, you need to include as part of your overall approach, making comments at numerous do follow boards, blogs and making some guest article posting at authority sites. I’ve done that and it provides you a quality back link.

Now before moving on, I need to stress the importance of getting one way back links. This is where you will be spending most of your time in getting your website ranking for your keyword terms. I would look at spending 80 to 90 percent of your time writing content and posting it all over the place. Too many people spend time making their website look pretty and that’s fine, but is that bringing you any traffic? Probably not – right? Focus your time and energy on activities that produce results.

Leveraging Your Time and Productivity – Article Spinner

If you want to make money online, then you have to be on page 1. There are 2 major approaches to getting lots of content out all over the place. First, submit good original content to top quality article directories, websites and Blogs. Then, to get more link juice out of each article, you can manually re-write each article. I’m sure the blogging community will be happy to see you do that. But, how much money is that approach making you?

Second, you can utilize software tools to assist you in getting more unique content out to various article directories. Bottom line, if you want to rank on your keywords and generate income, then make use of every legitimate method out there, because your competitors are utilizing all kinds of software tools to leverage their time like a content rewriter.

Prior to even looking at anything like an article rewriter or article spinner, I used to rewrite my content over and over again. As well, I tested a theory out myself for 1 year to see what my results would be. I had set up 150 Blogger accounts and used to post the same article to dozens of the same Blogger accounts. I wanted to see firsthand what duplicate content would do for my results.

Would you like to know what happened?

Keep in mind, I tracked my results for a year and at the end, only a couple of Blogger accounts actually got indexed and showed up in my results for various keywords. The rest ended up in a place I like to call, Google’s Duplicate Repository. Yup, they never got indexed. If want to bypass the filters and get full SEO link juice, you need to have unique content.

So, there you have the method of creating an authority site the Google way. Start via doing key phrase analysis, drill down into the assorted niche markets, choose your domain name, and the most essential ingredient to really ranking your website, developing high quality one way back links. Also, I touched on one area to help you leverage your time more effectively with the help of software tool like an article rewriter or what some people call article spinners. However, the bottom line to being successful and making money is actually doing the work.

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