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 Luanda, Angola



Angola is a beautiful country located in southwestern Africa with a diverse range of landscapes. From the semidesert Atlantic coast to the rainforest interior, there's something for everyone. The capital city, Luanda, is a bustling port city that blends traditional African housing styles with modern industrial complexes and Portuguese-style colonial landmarks.


Although Angola has faced some tough times in the past, it's a country rich in natural resources like precious gems, metals, and petroleum. In fact, it's one of the top oil-producing countries in sub-Saharan Africa! Portuguese influences have been felt in Angola for over 500 years, and the country gained its present boundaries in 1891. After a long struggle for independence, Angola finally gained its freedom in 1975.


The Angolan poet Agostinho Neto once described Angola as "red with coffee, white with cotton, green with maize" and as "our land, our mother." Unfortunately, a civil war that lasted 27 years left much of the country in ruins. But since the war ended in 2002, Angola has had more hope for a peaceful future than it has in a long time.

Angola people And Language

The people of Angola and their ethnic and linguistic composition. Almost everyone in Angola speaks Bantu languages, which are part of the Niger-Congo language family. The largest group is the Ovimbundu, who speak Umbundu and make up about one-fourth of the population. The Mbundu (Kimbundu) are the next-largest group and speak Kimbundu. They dominate the capital city and the Malanje highlands. The Kongo (Bakongo, Esikongo) speak Kikongo and account for about one-eighth of the population. There are also Lunda, Chokwe, and Ngangela peoples in the eastern part of the country, and the Ovambo and Herero peoples in the southwest. Portuguese is often spoken in Angola, but there are also many indigenous languages used in daily life. The government has recognized the major African languages and has made efforts to preserve the country's indigenous languages and cultural histories. Other languages spoken in Angola include English, Afrikaans, French, and Lingala.

Angola Visa

Here is a List of Visa

Ordinary Visa

Tourist Visa

Diplomatic, Official, and Courtesy Visas

Temporary Stay Visa

Work Visa

Transit Visa

Short-Term Visa

Student Visa

Privileged Visa

Visa for Establishing Residence

Angola Visa



  1. Visa Application Form , Please Fill out the Application front and back, duly completed in print or typed, in black ink and signed by the applicant or requester.
  2. A letter addressed to the Embassy of Angola, Consular Section (2100-2108 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009) with the corresponding requirements:
  3. The Letter from the private company sponsoring the visa applicant must  BE AUTHENTICATED BY THE MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS OF ANGOLA . ( MIREX ).
  4. The letter from the visa applicant must be NOTARIZED by a notary in Angola
  5. Evidence of the legal establishment of the company, a copy of the business permit, a copy of evidence of payment of current taxes (industrial payment tax for the current year);
    Diário República (official gazette of the republic);
       B. Identification of the person signing the letter (BI or passport if the signer is an Angolan citizen, or passport with Angolan visa if the signer is a foreigner);
  6. Bank Statement: Guarantee of means of subsistence, equivalent to US$200 per each day of stay in national territory, under the terms of Article 19(1) of Law 2/07 of 31 August.
  7. One recent color passport-sized photo of the visa applicant that must be glued to the application.
  8. Original and photocopy of passport—the main pages and those containing information on migratory movements.
  9. Validation of the passport must be longer than 6 Months and passports must have two available pages.
  10. Must Have Yellow Fever Vaccination Card .
  11. Copy of the hotel reservation.
  12. Processing Fee: $100.00 per applicant (Payments Must be made by Money Order ONLY paid to the order of the Embassy of Angola. ( Processing fees are non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the application )
  13. PROCESSING TIME : 5-8 days Business days. (Expediting is not accepted)
  14. Note : Ensure that you choose EXPRESS DELIVER (only E Labels from FedEx ) will not pick up packages with home/ground delivery(H)label from the Embassy. Please also ensure that the Embassy of Angola is listed as the sender on prepaid return envelope. Our address: Embassy of Angola “Consulate Section” 2100-2108 16th street NW Washington, DC 20009

Note : In some cases extra documents will be requested to support the visa request.


Embassy of the Republic of Angola
Consulate Section
2108 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009
Phone Number: 202-536-6610

 Red Highlights
Consulate General of the Republic of Angola in NY (Uganda House)
336 E 45th St 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10017
Phone number: 908-316-2235

Green Highlights
Consulate General of Angola in Houston (Sonangol USA)
1177 Enclave Pkwy #250, Houston, TX 77077
Phone Number: 832-903-1821
Phone Number: 832-782-0871


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